Health Safety & Environment

Exemplary performance related to health, safety, and the environment is a critical component of our business plan, and an essential element of our responsibility to the communities in which we operate. E&B Natural Resources operates in urban and environmentally sensitive areas and complies with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws. We work with, and seek guidance from, the appropriate authorities and agencies to ensure our operations are best in class.

We are extremely proud of our commitment to health, safety, and environmental excellence:

Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety will not be compromised. No job is so important and no task so urgent that the necessary steps to perform safely and maintain the health of our employees, contractors and public can be overlooked.

Environmental Protection

The environment in which we operate is respected at all times. We employ modern technology and a well-trained workforce to eliminate discharges, reduce waste, use materials efficiently, and encourage recycling in all our operations. We protect the flora and fauna in and around our field operations. 

Contractor Operations

High quality, environmentally sound and safe work is required from our contractors. We expect our contractors to supply and retain quality personnel adequately trained to perform their jobs safely.

“Every member of the E&B team is obligated to maintain a work environment that holds employees and contractors accountable for upholding our values and encouraging all to openly express their views about any health, safety, and environmental concerns.”

- Christy Swatzell, Vice President, Human Resources