Drought – Friendly Landscape Takes Shape in Bakersfield

E&B Natural Resources investment in xeriscape landscaping pays off

Bakersfield, California. October 20, 2015 – Many years before one of the longest and most severe droughts hit California, E&B Natural Resources sought ways to conserve water usage when moving into its new corporate headquarters. The company embraced xeriscape landscape methods in order to create a unique landscape that reduces the water consumption and leaves the community equally beautified.

BeforeLandscapeWhen it comes to conserving water, E&B Natural Resources believes in environmental responsibility. Traditional landscaped yards can consume 50-70 percent of water use. Upon review of the new corporate headquarters aesthetic and landscaping needs, the company chose to work with David Schwartz, geological technician for the company with a horticultural interest and contractor O-See-Em-Bloom to evaluate its options for a xeriscape-style landscape project, most noticeably on the south side of E&B’s main office at 1600 Norris Road.

“My vision was to create something that bloomed year round and expose people to botanically interesting shrubs and trees,” stated David Schwartz. “The landscaping needed to be appropriate for our Bakersfield climate.”

Schwartz, the landscape designer, utilized a variety of Mediterranean climate shrubs and trees appropriate to but not commonly seen in Bakersfield. This project met one of E&B’s goals of minimizing water use. The project took six months to complete and has saved the company in water usage since 2008. Additionally, E&B’s contractor was awarded the Best Use of Color in 2011 at the Beautification Awards by California Landscape Contractors Association of Kern County.

E&B LandscapingThis eco-friendly terrain further exemplifies the easy implementation and upkeep of lowmaintenance, “water-wise” landscaping through the use of drip irrigation. As the plants mature, they use less water over time, saving even more water and providing a beautiful, natural environment for company employees and visitors.

About E&B Natural Resources: E&B Natural Resources Management Corporation is a Bakersfield, California-based independent oil and gas company. By employing a balanced approach of mature field revitalization, acquisitions, and exploration, E&B now produces in excess of 10,000 barrels of oil per day from 25+ oil and gas fields located in California, Louisiana, Kansas and Wyoming. With over 270 dedicated employees focused on all areas of growth and production, E&B is one of the largest privately owned oil and gas companies in California and is a recognized leader within the exploration and production industry. For more information, visit www.ebresources.com


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