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Who We Are

Our Organization

Two former Shell geologists formed E&B Natural Resources in 1971 with a few leases assimilating mostly abandoned legacy wells. Ownership changes occurred in 1998, 2000 and in 2003 with the Galesi group taking full ownership.  Under new leadership, E&B refocused its business model to grow through value acquisitions first concentrating on California assets. E&B has since completed more than 20 acquisitions in Louisiana, Kansas and Wyoming.

E&B Natural Resources’ goal is to become a recognized industry leader as measured by growth, profitability, value creation, environmental and safety performance. To accomplish this goal, E&B Natural Resources has implemented a strategic plan that is designed to capitalize upon our strengths – experienced management, technical expertise, sound finances, and the ability to quickly act when new growth opportunities present themselves. 

Safety Wear

Health &

Occupational health and safety will not be compromised. No job is so important and no task so urgent that the necessary steps to perform safely and maintain the health of our employees, contractors and public can be overlooked.


Environmental Protection

The environment in which we operate is respected at all times. We employ modern technology and a well-trained workforce to eliminate discharges, reduce waste, use materials efficiently, and encourage recycling in all our operations. We protect the flora and fauna in and around our field operations.


Contractor Operations

High quality, environmentally sound and safe work is required from our contractors. We expect our contractors to supply and retain quality personnel adequately trained to perform their jobs safely.

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